Colombia - Electronic Invoicing Update


The Colombian tax authorities (DIAN) have announced the launch of a free web service to facilitate the issuance of e-invoices, for taxpayers that will be required to submit e-invoices under the new rules.

Effective 1 January 2019, companies that are subject to VAT and consumption tax in Colombia will be required to issue e-invoices for all transactions for which a paper invoice currently is issued. This e-invoicing requirement began for companies that are considered “large taxpayers” by the DIAN on 1 September 2018. This was unless the taxpayer had requested an extension due to specific technical issues, in which case, e-invoicing will be mandatory as from 1 December 2018.

The free web service - put in place to help micro and small enterprises reduce administrative costs in relation to electronic billing - provides the following tools to simplify the e-invoicing process:

- Standard formats for invoices issued electronically, including for debit and credit notes

- Electronic and/or digital signatures

- Mechanism that allows customers that are unable to receive XML e-invoices to receive a legible receipt

- Allows an efficient transfer of e-invoices between the issuer (i.e. the seller), the recipient (i.e. the buyer) and the Colombian tax authorities (overseeing entity)

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