Denmark - Tax Agency Overhaul Complete


July 1st 2018 saw the institution of the administrative overhaul of Denmark's tax authority - the SKAT - with a series of new specialized boards becoming operational.

The Skat has been replaced by a debt agency, valuation agency, tax agency, customs agency, vehicle agency, development & simplification agency and an administration/service agency. It is planned that by 2019 Danes will receive their annual tax statements from the new tax agency, while home owners will receive valuations from the valuation agency.

The government says that more staff and offices across the country will save the country’s struggling tax administration which has suffered from various scandals in the last few years.

A DKK 7 billion ($1.1 billion) fund will finance the new plan and the additional investment will also help it target areas of the tax system which are subject to avoidance and evasion, primarily in the sphere of VAT.

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