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VAT Data Analytics


This systematic analysis of large volumes of financial transactions identifies errors in VAT treatment. Our clients achieve the dual aims of VAT compliance and maximised VAT recovery.

Better compliance can help clients manage risk, avoid tax authority investigations, avoid penalties and personal risk for the senior accounting officer (SAO). Amongst other VAT checks, the audit can identify/reveal:

  • VAT charged incorrectly
  • VAT rates applied incorrectly
  • Incorrect application of reverse charges
  • Missed cross-border VAT refunds
  • Missed local input VAT
  • Duplicates

as well as make relevant recommendations.

This can help ensure accurate compilation of ongoing VAT and associated returns, aid cross-border VAT recovery and/or identify past errors.

A needs review prior to commencement enables our service to be tailor-made for each client, so that focus is on areas of most concern to the tax manager or SAO. ERP analysis ensures total compatibility plus efficient and effective data transfer.

VAT International Ltd utilise our own unique very powerful Forensic VAT Audit Tool, a bespoke internal software solution aligned to VAT legislative changes. This coupled with further analysis and investigation of prime documents by our expert technical team is an industry breakthrough in achieving compliance and assisting with recovery work.

VAT International Ltd’s forensic VAT Audit could help you get peace of mind.



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